About Me

I’m a runner, reader, writer, lover, and mother. Not necessarily in that order.

I’m a full-time SAHM to two bundles of energy who provide endless hours of frustration or entertainment, depending on the day. They assist in my writing career by obligingly taking naps most afternoons so I can write furiously or stare out the window…again, depending on the day.

I have a wonderful husband whom I love dearly. He provides no critical judgement of anything I write, constructive or otherwise, however he also obliges me by reading everything and assuring me that it’s the best I’ve ever written. (It’s the avoidance of a domestic dispute that counts.)

I read everything from Cormac McCarthy to Jennifer Weiner, but my favorite is young adult fantasy/dystopia/science fiction. Call it a guilty pleasure. 

I run almost every day and I ran my first marathon in May (Pittsburgh, 2011). It was AWESOME. No, seriously. It really was.

I love to write but am still quite the novice. Here’s hoping that’s only a temproary rank.


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